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A day in a Vietnamese Village – Dao Thuc

Today i will bring you in Dao Thuc.

We’ll start in the peace of the morning, then we’ll discover the hard work of the afternoon, and finally we’ll fall to the theatre show’s charms in the night.

You’ll meet the workers, while tey’re building new houses for the town, the same people who in the night become puppets artists.

In Dao Thuc evenings, children, adults, young guys and old people don’t watch tv but they go to the open air theatre and silently enjoyed the show, in a peaceful mood of feast.

The theatre sketches represented in the video include:

  • Introduction with traditional orchestra
  • Fishing
  • The Fox which wants to catch the duck
  • The dance of Fairies
  • The dance of the four sacred animals
  • Farmworks

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4 thoughts on “A day in a Vietnamese Village – Dao Thuc

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  3. A nice way to end one’s day!

    Thanks for giving us a window into a Vietnamese villager’s day 🙂

  4. thank you for your interest in Vietnamese culture!!!

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