Vietnam, Water and Puppets

From a friend, far far away…

“Hi, my name is Trung Hoang Nguyen, i’m from Vietnam,i’m Vietnamese.

I live now in Hanoi, but I was born in Bac Ninh province – located in the north from Hanoi city.

If you know about Vietnam,our country, you’ll know that – Bac ninh is one of the most traditional place in Vietnam- especially, the Buddhism

I mean, I’m not a Christian, as well as lots of people here. But although that, with us, Christmas Day is always a-really-special-day, just like our traditional festivals. On that day,we, the ones in family can stay together, meet each others, we can make home-parties together, with my father, my mother, my sister. And,as you know, Aless, we often invite my two uncles joining with my family! That’s always very very sweet and snug!

Not only in my family and my clan, i (and my sister) can also invite the best friends to come home!

After the Christmas party, we go out, ride motorbike around the city to see the Christmas Pressure..

And, if you have girlfriend, Christmas is the best chance for you to indicate your love with your sweeties – also me 🙂

I love Christmas! I love the rhythm of JINGLE BELL, of LAST CHRISTMAS!”

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