Vietnam, Water and Puppets

Comin’ back in Vietnam with a first episode of the documentary!

Dear followers and occasional readers,

about a year ago I was planning my first travel in Vietnam for realizing this blog. The reason why I haven’t published posts in these last weeks is that I was preparing the first episode (about 26 mins) of my documentary serie about Vietnam. Of course, it will be about Water Puppetry!

I’ll come back in Vietnam next days for presenting it to National Puppetry Theatre in Hanoi, and all the others puppetry groups who helped me for realizing the videos.

I will present the movie to all other subjects who are interested, in Vietnam and all over the world. At the moment, I can’t publish it because I need the feedbacks from the country where everything started: the Vietnam.

But if you’d like to see, diffuse or screen the first espisode of my documentary, please contact me!!!

Thanks for the interest in Vietnam arts you demonstrated in the last year!!!

I’ll publish very soon new contents for my web users!

With love.


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