Vietnam, Water and Puppets


The main objective of the project is the diffusion of international cultural heritages through digital media.
Since August 2011, short videos, images, texts and maps are uploaded on this blog-cumentary, which represents a sort of collection of notes, what I learned about Water Puppets Theatre in Vietnam. My first objective is popularizing and advancing the knowledge of this special kind of theatre. Internet technologies will provide me the possibility to potentially talk with many people all over the world, more then any other media.
Shootings will be also employed for the realization of a more traditional documentary for cinema projection. This documentary will be likely ready by July 2012.

Why I choosed Vietnamese Water Puppetry.

Water Puppetry Theatre talks about Vietnamese traditions, and at the same time it is a tradition itself. As a Western person who want to talk about Eastern customs, I need the aid of a medium, a filter, which will help me to deeply understand Vietnamese culture: Puppetry Theatre will work as my medium, and at the same time it will be the main subject for my documentary as a precious cultural treasure to document and diffuse.

Who I am.

My name is Alessandra Grassi and I’m a student of Cinema and Media Engeneering in Turin (ITALY). I’m 23 years old and I stayed two months in Hanoi (Vietnam) for the realization of my documentary project about Vietnamese Water Puppets Theatre.

Why I’m doing this blog.

I trust in differences, and in peace between differences.

I think that, if you deeply know the cultures so different from yours, you’ll not be scared from them, because you can understand them.
I think that, if you’re not scared, you’re not racist. Maybe you’ll not appreciate all features of the countries you’ll visit, as you don’t love every defects of your friends, but you’ll accept them, because your friends do the same with your imperfections and contraddictions.
I trust in dreams, i think that if everyone works for making the dreams come true the world could be a better place.
My dream is becoming a cinema director, but I want to do it in a better world. But I can’t complain about my world if I’m doing nothing for improving it.
I hate too long articles, so I will conclude it with a suggestion for my generation: Imagine.
Imagine everything, and try to do it when it’s possible.
Albert Einstein said “Logic can bring you from A to B. Imagination can bring you everywhere”. I’d like to go everywhere.

“You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Ciao Alessandra. Complimenti per il tuo blog, scoperto casualmente. Ottimo lavoro. Saluti dal Veneto.

  2. Olga Dubaniowska on said:

    Hello Alessandra,
    I am doing a research paper on the Vietnamese Water Puppetry for my Theatre class at school and I am focusing on the aspect of the design of puppets (especially the Fairy) and I was just wondering if you could help me somehow and tell me more about it. I need very precise information and the books that I found do not have enough on the Fairies. I also saw your videos on YouTube, however there is no voice so I cannot get any information from that (even though it looks very interesting and it’s a great material for the film)
    I’m quite short in time, so unfortunately I cannot wait until July, so I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me if you would like to help me and answer some questions regarding the Vietnamese Water Puppet design.

    Thank you and good luck with your movie! 🙂

  3. Jeff Counsell on said:

    Hi Alessandra! I’m preparing a presentation for a Southeast Asian Ethnography course and I was wondering if you would mind me using some of your information from this blog and if there are some good sources you would recommend?


    • of course you can! the best reference is a book called marionettes sur l’eau du Vietnam, but i think is out of print, i found it in a vietnamese library… anyway i will publish a bibliography soon on the website!!!!

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